The Man

Entertainment Media was a natural career path for this charismatic music enthusiast. Born Orrett Hart, Bambino was raised in Kingston, Jamaica, before migrating to Tampa, Florida, where he launched his career in the early nineties. Under the mentorship of his older brother, Bambino got his start as an entertainment professional playing gigs at college parties and nightclubs in the area, honing his skills for the successful career that was to come.

Making the decision to try his talent on the competitive Miami music entertainment scene proved Bambino a savvy entrepreneur as he quickly found his niche among South Florida’s massive Caribbean diaspora, playing at clubs and parties for major promoters.

Flexing his muscles as a producer, Bambino used the momentum from his career in Miami to leverage a video music show where he featured several big names in Jamaican music, including Damian Marley, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, and Lady Saw.

Radio Personality, Music Producer, Disc Jockey, MC, Host, Comedian and Radio Commercial Copywriter are just a few of his many professional pursuits.


The Personality

Bambino returned to Jamaica in June 2009 to join ZIP 103FM as the fresh new sound of Jamaican morning radio. ZIP is a driving force on Jamaica’s pop radio scene and the collaboration was an instant hit. It wasn’t long before Bambino’s following grew to include Jamaica’s trend conscious youths, which saw him consistently cinching the coveted titles of “Media Personality of the year” and/or “Selector of the year” at the annual Youth View Awards (YVA’s).

Since then he has gone on to host Jamaica’s most watched reality talent show, Digicel Rising Stars, as well as On The Verge, further extending his repertoire and evidently strengthening his fan base.

Bambino is now a household name on the Jamaican entertainment scene and within the Caribbean diaspora, recognised by fans of all ages and backgrounds.


The Musician

Bambino has produced songs for some top Caribbean artistes including Kes and The Band and has even gone on to tour internationally with soca queen, Alison Hinds as well as Kevin Lyttle for his debut album “Turn Me On”.

Starting with songs he had written as a teenager, Bambino eventually began to produce his own music, inspiring the creation of the alter ego, Trever-Off-Key – a musically animated character backed by comically charged lyrics.

Trevor-Off-Key’s repertory includes “To the Right”, a testosterone-fueled rebuttal to Beyonce’s mega-hit, “Irreplaceable” as well as a response to T-Pain’s “Buy You a Drink” titled “Nah Buy Yuh A Drink”, which features dancehall veteran, Macka Diamond. In addition, the response has been so overwhelming that the track “Fake Jeans Admit It”, a parody of Russian/Vybz Kartel’s iconic “Straight Jeans and Fitted”, has spurred its own t-shirt line.

The musician has also formed Bambino Musik, a collective with skillsets ranging from music to jingles and commercial production.

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